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Zum Album « Stony Road »
"Chris Rea has now turned his awesome talent to his first love, the blues, which he performs with the eerie, haunting, soulful beauty that is unique to him."
Fran Leslie, Blues in Britain

" …. a cathartic journey marinated in the Blues, with Rea's keening slide guitar to the fore - …. that Rea has created an original Blues album comes as no surpise to longterm followers - after all his gruff vocal style, intense slide guitar and grip on Real Life issues were not so much hints as neon signposts …"
Pete Sargent, Blues Matters

"These twenty cathartic songs define the very essence of Chris Rea as master songwriter and true bluesman. His soul laid bare, this is unequivocally the most honest and accomplished work of his career."
Colin Palmer, Rock 'n Reel

"An immensely moving musical journey into one man's heart and soul"
Tim Cooper, Mail on Sunday

"Chris Rea explores the ins and outs of all the facets of Blues like never before. It's not only Blues Freaks who will love this immaculately and perfectly produced album."
Audio 01.10.2002

"On "Stony Road" Chris Rea's guitar is allowed to really have its fling. Chris Rea is celebrating a powerful comeback."
Freundin 25.09.2002

"Now with his rough voice and his slide-guitar he is producing a sparce blues. So well, that EricClapton should be jealous."
Maxim 01.10.2002

"In the south of France Chris Rea and his exquisite musicians have recorded the album of his lifetime. It's become his best."
WOM Journal 01.10.2002

"The result is Blues at its absolutely best!"
Bild am Sonntag 29.09.2002

"His new album is convincing beyond the mainstream, his husky voice will melt a stone."
Für Sie 25.09.2002

"STONY ROAD is the genuine, painful work of blues that Rea has always been wanting to create."
Amazon 30.09.2002

"Chris Rea can be justifiably proud of this impressive blues journey"Daily Express, Saturday Magazine"The Englishman handles the six strings with an incredible dexterity … in a word from a hundred, this opening concert was tremendous."
Montreux Jazz Festival"

Heavenly moment with Chris Rea and his miraculous solos …."
Montreux Jazz Festival

"Those who consider Chris Rea a purveyor of AOR will have to think again. This is raw, honest music - a powerful blues album, and the best record Rea has ever made."
Mark Edwards, Sunday Times Culture Magazine

"For the British Rockstar this success will be worth even more, since with this Gospel-Blus-album he finally fulfilled a wish for himself, his oldest and most personal wish as an artist."
TV Hören & Sehen 30.09.2002

" With harmonica, fiddle and a lot of bottleneck guitar STONY ROAD meets the demands of even conservative popes of the blues."
Stereoplay 01.10.2002

"STONY ROAD totally depends on its vividness."
Super Illu 30.09.2002

"The British singer and slide-guitar-player put all the thoughts and feelings of this time into a thoughtful album, which showed nothing any more of the sweet pop of bygone years - only his husky voice, which seems to have been specially made for the original blues-pattern."
Hörzu 11.10.2002

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